…this is a fairytale just beginning

I just sent my roommate and her boyfriend out the door for a night on the town. Sipping my tea as I waved them out the door, a thought popped into my head, “Has becoming a mother made me old?” I felt like their mother, shooing them away to experience life, as I stay home to wait up for them. However, I skipped the lecture about behaving themselves. 😛 Of course my child isn’t born yet, by it’s tiny heart is beating inside of me so I already consider myself a mother. Anyway, not the point. Am I old? No, it can’t be. Still, becoming tired at midnight and calling it a night and rarely going out makes me wonder. Perhaps, this is the pregnancy hormones that are doing this to me. I have tons of life left in me. I hope this morning sickness dies down soon, so I can begin the second trimester of my first pregnancy on a good note.

The title of this entry is “this is a fairytale just beginning” for good reason. Have you ever had an awful relationship, one you’d never wish upon anyone? I was talking to a friend about this last night. Bad relationships? Are they for a reason? Can good come out of them? The answer to both of these previous questions, in my opinion, is yes. My marriage, my baby, my school career, my life – none of it would be the same or perhaps even cease to be without my bad relationship. Of  course, all the good that is in my life is thanks to my Creator, God. But He used a very special person to open my eyes to the light.

I taught my ex to believe in love, to choose a path for himself not influenced by others’ actions. Or at least, I like to think so. 😛 Maybe he’ll read this and think, “Not even close, hunny!” To that guy, “DON’T BURST MY BUBBLE!” 🙂 Anyway, he’s now in a committed relationship with a girl he truly cares about. And that in itself makes it all worth it. But wait there’s more. Not only that, but I’m reunited with the love of my life, celebrating our first wedding anniversary on Monday, and we’re expecting our first baby! God truly does bring forth good from bad decisions and I am remarkably blessed. On top of all of that, my ex and I remain friends. Praise God for his power over Satan and rewarding us with such great lives.

So while it may make me seem old to stay home alone on a Friday night, I’m quite enjoying it. Blogging, sipping tea, and praising my Lord. What could be better?!?



Well, I’m on the bus to Edmonton to the second year of being a leader for our group of youth at YC. I’ve gone plenty of times as a youth – exploring my faith, deepening my relationship with God, and growing into a woman following after Christ. The first year I went to YC as a leader, it was once I had come back to God, repenting for my rebellious ways. That’s when I really felt the call lead youth towards and for God.

This year, my husband is joining me along with the church group from our new “hometown.” We haven’t even gone to a conference or sung any songs yet but I’m already feeling God tug on my heart. Another leader, a new believer has inspired me so much is my short chats with her. I haven’t even heard her testimony yet! She’s on fire and has so many dreams and aspirations as to how she’s going to let God use her.

As one who came to Christ as a child, where did my excitement go? It’s been 16 years since I knelt beside my bed and said a prayer asking for Jesus’ forgiveness and to come into my heart. I had little understanding of what that decision meant, let alone how it would change my life. This woman has a great desire to learn and to dig into the Bible, hanging on every word.

I want that! Oh, for that joy to return! That connection to God, feeling Him right by my side. Without my Savior, I wouldn’t be alive right now. He is truly my everything. I need to make Him my top priority and to trust in him always.


Word of the day: Sojourn – to stay as a temporary resident; to dwell for a time.

I am sojourned on this earth. For how long? I don’t know. What my future has in store for me? I can only predict that to an extent and even then, it’s still uncertain. This world is not my home. Now, for those of you who don’t know me personally you may be thinking I’m a little out of whack. You see, I’m a Christian. My true home is in heaven with my magnificent Creator.

There are things about this temporary home that I do enjoy. I love the smell outdoors just after it’s rained. I like laying in the grass and letting the cool breeze wash over me with ease. God created this all for us. He didn’t want his creation to be miserable on this earth; He gave a pleasant planet to enjoy our days until we can spend eternity with Him. Nature is fascinating, beautiful, and just awesome.

I’m an outdoorsy kind of girl. Camping, hiking, and biking are just a few of my hobbies. I absolutely cannot wait until my baby is born into this beautiful world. I’m going to introduce him/her to so many cool things. I’ll tickle my baby with grass. I’ll take him/her on walks with the sun beating down on us. (Making sure to use sunscreen of course.) I hope my baby will find peace with nature as I have as I await my journey home.

A New Chapter

Hello all,

As a teenager, I used to journal all the time. I wrote poetry in my sleep. But as life got busier and my responsibilities grew, I buried my creative self somewhere deep inside me. As a university student, I stopped enjoying literature and reading of any sort, a past time I used to love. Reading and writing became a chore. Well, I’m taking my joy back starting now!

With my first wedding anniversary approaching and a baby on the way, I figured now is as good as time as any to begin blogging. At first I was skeptical. The possibility of strangers reading my personal thoughts seemed like big leap for me. However, I am not shy about voicing my opinions so here I go, returning to my creative roots. I must say it feels pretty great! 🙂

Being a wife and a mom-to-be, blogging is just going to be mine. My voice. My time. My escape. Not that I’m selfish or only going to be discussing my life, but I know realize how important is is to take care of yourself in order to be the best you can be. I’m so excited to be pregnant, but I cannot be the best mom and wife without taking care of myself. Plus, I need to spoil myself before the baby is born. Spa day? Perhaps.

Anyway, that was exciting – my first blog entry. Yay!